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Enchanted Evening: Merit’s Homecoming Dance Shines with Stunning Decorations and Memorable Day Dates

By Caleb Mellor

Springville, 23 September 2023

The enchantment was noticeable at Merit Academy’s much-anticipated Homecoming dance. It was a night where laughter filled the air, and where the magic of youthful enthusiasm merged with beautifully crafted decor. As the autumn leaves began to change color and the temperatures started to drop, the entire school was swept up in the spirit of homecoming, and at the heart of it all was the Merit Academy Student Council, dedicated to turning dreams into reality. Their vision for the evening: “Fly Me To The Moon.”

Creating the Enchantment

Joseph at the top and Sarah at the bottom.

The highlight of the night was undoubtedly the stunning decorations that transformed the school’s commons area into a fairy tale wonderland. The Student Council went above and beyond to craft an enchanting atmosphere that left attendees in awe.

Twinkling fairy lights adorned the Commons, casting a magical glow upon cut-out stars and colorful balloons. Large, intricately designed, paper planets seemed to float in mid-air, while a massive, sparkling moon graced the stage for photos. The attention to detail was evident in every corner, from the dessert table to the enchanting archways framing the entrance.

Bryan Mellor, a senior at Merit Academy, expressed his appreciation by saying: “The Student Council really outdid themselves this year. The Commons looked like something out of a fairy tale, and it made the whole night feel magical.”

Memorable Day Dates

James to left, Sam in center, Caleb to right

The awesome decorations were not the only thing that made Homecoming a fun and memorable experience. Many students took the opportunity to embark upon day dates to make the event even more special. Sara Orme shared her experience, saying: “We went and got pizza from Pier 49, and then we went to a park. Initially, we started out playing a card game, but we ended up on the playground playing grounders. It was so much fun and a great way to kick off the night.”

Student Body President, Joseph Wiseman, opted for a more adventurous day date with his group. “For our day date, we went up to Jolley’s Ranch, played some outdoor games, and frolicked through the wilderness,” Joseph said. “It was a fantastic way to connect before the dance.”

A Spirit of Belonging

Embracing this year’s Quest Time theme of “Belonging,” it was great to see that many students who did not have official dates to the dance also joined in on the fun. One group spent the afternoon playing basketball, video games, and swimming at the reservoir before heading “stag” to the dance. “Going stag to the dance was so much fun!” said Brooklyn Dascomb. The feeling of welcome was there for one and all, and it was great to have so many students participate in the Homecoming festivities.

A Night to Remember

Lauren on left, Jacoby on right

The Homecoming dance at Merit Academy was indeed a night to remember, thanks to the incredible efforts of the Student Council and the students’ enthusiasm for creative day dates and activities. With a fun theme, fantastic decorations, and unforgettable moments, it was a perfect way to celebrate the spirit of the school and create lasting memories. As the school year unfolds, Merit Academy students look forward to more magical moments and spirited events that bring our community closer together.


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