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Merit offers a wide range of curricular options through a hands-on educational approach that helps students apply what they learning in class to the world around them. 




The Fine Arts Department helps students access their inner creativity to expand their potential as artists and people. Our community of musicians, actors, dancers, and artists learn discipline, cooperation, and confidence as they participate in our programs.

Solving Math Problem


The Math Department prepares its students for the future by creating opportunities for active team work, critical thinking, precise communication, and problem solving, as it also inspires them to find passion and joy in the learning process. 


The Science Department thrives on hands-on learning. Thinking and problem solving are key in all our classes. We focus on labs, dissections, and actual chemical experimentation, not just classwork and lecture.  

Students in a Science Class


The Social Studies Department helps students explore history, geography, and the diverse cultures of the world in through interactive approaches that connect learning to the world around them. 

Ancient Coins


The Career & Technical Education Department (CTE) provides a wide range of skill-learning and future-developing opportunities through Digital Media/Photography, Computer Science, Engineering, Woodworking, Culinary Arts, and Audio/Visual Production.

3D Printing


The English Department offers a wide range of elective options—such as creative writing, literature and film, and comic books—alongside core curriculum that helps students to read, write, and present their ideas with clarity. 

Open Books


Our Special Education program works closely with families to meet the specific needs of each student, facilitating progress within the general education curriculum, providing accessibility to that learning, and providing opportunities for meaningful participation at our school. 

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Our Distance Education program helps students to get ahead in life by receiving college credit while in high school.  We even offer a track toward an Associate Degree by graduation for dedicated students. 

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