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Want to get your General Education Certificate or Associates Degree by graduation or just take a few courses to save money on future tuition? Check out Merit Academy’s concurrent enrollment below. All classes are on-site at Merit and conveniently located in Ms. Wright’s room 217B. 

Concurrent Enrollment requires: Cumulative GPA of 3.0 for Academic Subjects and 2.0 for CTE courses.  

If a student does not meet the GPA requirement or they are home-schooled and do not have an accredited transcript, they can participate if they have a composite ACT score of 22. 

Students only need to be enrolled in one High School class at Merit school to take concurrent enrollment. classes. This could be any core or elective class. This will meet the cumulative GPA requirements.

General Education Certificate requires 35 credits (17-18 core credits and 18 elective credits). Each class is 3 credits so you need to take 12 classes. This give you a one-year degree in general studies.

Associates Degree requires 60 credits (35 core credits and 25 electives credits) Each class is 3 credits so you need to take 20 classes. This gives you a degree in general studies.

Each class is $5/credit or $15/class with an additional book/ materials fee for some classes. For some classes the book/materials fee is included in the class, meaning you don't need to buy the book it is provided for you. Some classes will require a book to be bought separately.


STEP 1: Apply and register for one or both schools


(You must have a UVID or Snow College Badger ID to be able to register for classes.)


STEP 2: Contact Ms. Wright at


UVU LI Spring Application: Oct 2 – Jan 10

UVU LI Spring Registration: Oct 31 – Jan 16


Face to Face UVU Spring Application opens Oct 2 (Oct 2 Jan 23)

Face to Face UVU Spring Registration opens Oct 31 (Oct 31 Jan 24)

Classes offered in Spring 2024 (Jan – May)




8–8:50am  Music 1010

9–9:50am  Anthropology 1010 On computers

9–9:50am  Art1010

10–10:50am  Aviation Science 2150 On computers

10–10:50am  Sociology 1010

11–11:50am  Astronomy 1040

1–1:50am  Meteorology 1010

2–2:50pm  Philosophy 205G




7-8:15am  Humanities

8:30-9:45am  English 2010

8:30–9:45am  Criminal Justice 1350 (forensics) On computers

10–11:15am  Political Science 1100

11:15am–12:45pm  Communications 1500 On computers

11:15am–12:45pm  Criminal Justice 1330 

1–2:15pm  Biology 1010

Face-to-Face class for Spring is Math 1050

Taught during T4 by Mrs. Cosby-Johnson (CJ)


Snow Spring 2024 Application: Opens Oct 30

Snow Spring 2024 Registration: Opens Nov 13


Classes offered in Spring 2024 (Jan–May)

Biology 1050

Business 1200 (Online)

Business 1600 (Online)

Criminal Justice 1010

Communications 1020

Communications 1500 (Online)

Communications 2110 (Online)

English 1010

English 2010

Geography 1300 (Online)

HFST 1500- LifeSpan Development (Psychology) (Online)

History 2710 (Online)

Math 1030

Math 1040

Math 1050

Physics (PHSC) 1000

Political Science 1100 (Online)

Sociology 1010 (Online)


How to Be Admitted to UVU (Oct 2 – Jan 10)

  1. Go to 

  2. Click on “Step 1” and fill out the admissions form. You will need to pay a one-time UVU admissions fee of $35 after filling out the admissions forms. 

  3. Your UV ID number will arrive in about 24–48 business hours.  Come see Ms. Wright if you do not get your number by email.

How to Register for UVU classes (Oct 31 – Jan 16)

Log onto

  1. Click on the Students dropdown list (top left under the home button)

  2. Click on Registration and Planning

  3. Click on Add or Drop Classes

  4. Click on Add/Drop/Waitlist Classes

  5. Under Terms Open for Registration choose Spring 2024 and then Continue

  6. Under Register for Classes, there are 4 different tabs. The first tab is highlighted "Find Classes".  Click on Enter CRNs.

  7. At this point, just type in the first CRN that you want to do. If you want to take more than one class, click on add another CRN and then add the next class and so on.  

  8. When you have finished adding the CRNs you want, just click add to Summary. 

  9. Look at the summary and make sure that you have the classes you are interested in and if everything looks good, click on Submit.

Snow College Logo.png

How to Apply for Snow CE Classes

  1. Go to

  2. Click on “Apply Now”

  3. Click on continue or watch the video for further instructions

  4. Fill out your information

  5. Verify your email address

  6. Fill out additional information (Need social security number, and parent email)

  7. Verify parent email (Please have parent close to verify email address)

  8. Read the terms and then you and your parent need to sign

  9. Select Snow college and term (ex: Spring 2024)

  10.  Pay $30 application fee* — one time fee

    *It will have you pay through PayPal, but you DO NOT need a PayPal account. It will let you pay with your credit/ debit card.

    **After you submit your application it may take up to 48 hours to be accepted to Snow College. Once you are accepted, you will receive an email with your badger ID and instructions on how to set up a Badger Account. Please follow the instructions in that email.


How to Register for Snow CE classes

  1. Go to

  2. Login with your username and password (it is included in the email when you got your Badger ID)

  3. Click on “Class Registration”

  4. Click on "Register for Classes"

  5. Select the correct term

  6. Here you will see 4 tabs. Click on the “Enter CRNS” (If you use the other options that will give you the on-campus courses and not the CE -These are full tuition classes and will charge you full price and not the $5/ credit hour classes.

  7. Enter in CRNs. Click ADD to Summary or ADD another CRN for more courses

  8. Click “Submit” in the bottom right corner.

Registration Help

If you get a "prerequisite error" this means that we do not have updated ACT scores for you. Please go to the Merit website page to send them your transcript and ACT score to fulfill the prerequisite.


When in the transcript form please put in the comments your name, birthdate, UVID number/ BadgerID number and who to send transcripts. For UVU the transcripts need to be sent to For Snow please have transcripts sent to:

If you need additional help, please contact Ms. Wright at:



Emily Wright

Distance Education Facilitator

Merit Preparatory Academy

PHONE: (801) 491-7600 x 315






We now offer Face to Face college classes. This class is Math 1050. It is taught at Merit during T2 by the high school teacher. This is a college class. Seniors can sign up to take this class. When signing up student MUST sign up through UVU and Merit to take the class. There are prerequisites for this class. See link below.



Livestream classes are college classes taught through MS teams on the computers. These classes are taught at specific times during the day. Course work done on Canvas. You will need to have a class period in your schedule to take these classes.



Live Interactive classes are broadcast to the classroom. These classes are taught at specific times. These are live classes broadcast to Merit that have microphones to interactive with the professor and other students at varies sites. Course work done on Canvas.



Hybrid classes are taught on the computers through Snow College. These classes are for Juniors and Seniors only. These classes have course work on Canvas with recordings and online tutoring, professor help as needed. Classes can be attended online through specific times to get live class help.



Online classes are taught through Snow College. These are classes for Juniors and Seniors only. These classes are on Canvas and have all class materials available there including recordings.

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