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Attendance school is set up to allow students the opportunity to make up assignments and time missed in class. At the teacher’s discretion, students may make up attendance infractions in the classroom—outside of regular school hours—in lieu of going to organized attendance school. This allows for more specific instruction and learning recovery. Make-up credit for a given class period must be done with the approval of the teacher whose class time was missed and must be made up during the current term. Work to be completed is determined by the teacher.


Additionally, a student may do make-up work with a different teacher, but the teacher whose class was missed must first approve that arrangement. It is the teacher whose class was missed that must excuse the absence/ tardy with the attendance office. The student must take responsibility for this process. There is no in-classroom make-up after the end of the term.

Attendance school or approved alternatives make up absences, truancies, and tardies on the following scale:

● 1-1/2 hour for every unexcused absence or truancy (sluff) in each class.
● 1 hour for an excused absence above 4 in each class.
● 1⁄2 hour for each tardy above 4 in each class.


Attendance School Schedule


Attendance School is typically held Monday–Thursday after school from 3:20–4:20pm in room 216. With approval, hours can also be made up during lunch (please check with front office). Students are responsible for arranging their schedules to attend make-up classes with teachers and for any transportation needs before or after school to participate in Attendance School.


Attendance School Costs


Attendance make-up after school will be offered free of charge during the term in which the excessive absences or tardies occurred. Attendance make-up for previous terms will cost $10.00 per session. Students will not be allowed into sessions that require payment without their receipt.


Attendance School Rules


Students need to bring make-up work to Attendance School. No electronics, note passing, talking, sleeping, etc., will be allowed and will result in dismissal from the attendance session. All make-up done with a teacher in the classroom can only be completed in the current term and will be made-up free of charge during the term.


Please click the link below to review the full Merit attendance policy. 

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