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Merit Academy Director

Dear Merit Academy Family,

The Board of Trustees is pleased to announce the promotion of Mike Condie, who has been serving as the Interim Director, to the role of Director of Merit Academy.

Mr. Condie is well suited to lead our school. He has fifteen years of diverse experience in the field of education, including time spent as a SPED teacher in an inner city school’s behavior unit, PE teacher & coach, Athletic Director, Vice-Principal, and Principal. He has degrees in both Psychology & Physical Education and a Master’s Degree in Education with an emphasis on Administration and Leadership. 

Mr. Condie first joined Merit Academy as the Director of Students in July of 2022, and has willingly stepped in and out of various roles, positions, and titles, as unforeseen circumstances have required. He has been unfailingly committed to providing stability and continuity for the students and staff of Merit Academy. He has shown his ability to remain unruffled in times of adversity and firm in his commitment to fostering an environment of belonging, respect, and growth.

We are excited about Mr. Condie’s continued leadership and we fully support him as he moves forward in helping our students prepare themselves to lead, learn, and serve throughout their lives. We are encouraged by his positive, long-term vision for our school and his commitment to excellence. We are confident in his ability to strengthen our school culture and support the incredible teachers and quality programs we have at Merit.

We invite you to join us in giving Merit Academy’s Director, Mike Condie, a warm welcome.   

We also wish to announce at this time that Mr. Condie has selected Jessica Sitton, Special Education Department Chair, to fill the role of Assistant Director. Jessica has been a member of the Merit team since 2018. She comes to us with 20 years of experience in special education which include her roles as a classroom instructor, instructional coach with Utah State University, and over 15 years as a special education coordinator. She has degrees in special education and elementary education from Boston University with endorsements in middle school math instruction and reading interventions. She has a masters from Utah State University in educational leadership. We support Mr. Condie in this decision and welcome Ms. Sitton to her new position.

Kind Regards,

Merit Board of Trustees

Jeanné Condie

Brett Palmer

Rachel Jay

Amy Wiser

Jeri Mellor 

Angela Bunker

Rozelle Hansen


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