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Merit Exemplifies the "Spirit of the Game" at the Mountain Showdown Ultimate Frisbee Tournament

Merit completing a pass for a score!

The Merit Middle School Frisbee team competed at the Mountain Showdown tournament in Farmington this past weekend. They finished with 3 wins and 4 losses. This is the first tournament the team has participated in, and the coaches were extremely proud of how the players represented Merit and exhibited great "Spirit of the Game" (Ultimate Frisbee's phrase for sportsmanship).

Owyn Kauvaka and Jon Evans were two players that helped maintain great Spirit. When we were losing, they stayed positive and picked their teammates up. When we were winning, they encouraged the other team. Their teammates followed suit and everyone was able to have a good time. Scoring points and getting blocks are both fun things, but the whole team showed that there is even more joy to be had when you work together and play with good Spirit. Go Knights!


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